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Science Based Fitness Services

Your assessment is essential to understanding how your body likes to move.  It is also important in showing us how your body does not like to move.  These limitations can derive from past physical traumas, previous surgeries, compensatory patterns, or stresses.  In understanding these limitations we can then program around those limitations so as to not exacerbate an existing limitation.  By identifying and understanding limitations we can train you on how to exercise properly or modify and exercise so that we make the most out of every exercise.  This approach to exercise helps avoid injury and improve overall function.  If the limitation is due to muscular weakness then Corrective Programming may be needed to address the muscular weakness causing the compensatory movement.

Corrective Programming

We call it finding out what your body can’t do.  One may notice how they have better balance on one leg than the other.  This is due to your nervous system’s ability to communicate with the muscular system to perform better on one side than the other.  Corrective programming will address specific muscles that perform the specific muscular movement and will challenge the limitation utilizing effective exercise techniques, cadence, alignment, and other factors needed to challenge said limited muscles.  Once these muscles are firing better then they will perform better and your performance in the limited tasks will be improved.


MAT is a biomechanically based process designed to evaluate and address muscular strength imbalances that can be contributing to pain or injury.  It is based on the Roskopf principle that “muscle tightness is secondary to muscle weakness.”  This means that if joint motion is limited then that is an indicator that one or more muscles that cross that joint axis cannot contract efficiently.  Therefore, the antagonist muscles musculature is tight in order to protect potentially weak muscles from shortening into a position of vulnerability.  Weak muscles identified and treated with MAT will contract efficiently which will allow the antagonist musculature to lengthen due to the strengthened agonist muscles’ improved ability to contract and shorten.  Thus, providing stability to the joint which will also yield mobility.  

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